Share links on Orkut with bookmarklet

If you are using Orkut a lot and come across a nice website or article online which you want to share with your Orkut friends you might have had to enter the link into everyones scrapbook or use various tools to send scraps to everyone.

Here is a neat way to do this different and with a lot of ease. It is a bookmarklet that you can have on your browser. When you come across a interesting link you want to share, just click on the bookmarklet and share what you like with your friends. It will show up to your Orkut friends in their latest updates.

Orkut Bookmarklet

How to get the Bookmarklet?

  • Click here to install the Bookmarklet for orkut.
  • This will have a bookmark on your browser which will read as Share on Orkut (see image above).
  • When you are on a page you want to share, click on the bookmark and it will share the page with all your Orkut buddies through their updates. 🙂

Good to see this new Bookmarklet which will surely make it easy to share info on Orkut. It would probably be easier than sharing links on Facebook. 😛

One Comment

saroj suman das May 8, 2010

it’s a very good job.