Create 3D buildings for Google Earth with Building Maker

Have you ever killed time on Google Earth? I do pass my time looking up cities all over the world which I don’t think I can afford to visit. One of the great features of Google Earth are the 3D buildings they have. This gives you a 3 dimensional birds eye view of monuments and famous buildings across the world.

A view of  Mumbai with Google Earth


Google Building Maker

  • With Google Building Maker you can choose a building from Google Earth’s interface and create a 3 dimensional model of it.
  • It is quite simple. I needed to visit the Building Maker website. Sign in with my Google Id and select the city in which I wanted to create my 3D building.
  • Building Maker comes with a host of shapes and sizes in 3D forms which can be called building blocks. Using 6 different pictures provided by Google a decent 3D model can be made.
  • Once that is done, the 3D model is up for review and if it is good enough the model is included in Google Earth with credits. 😉

There are still some questions being asked on why someone would invest valuable time on Building Maker when there is not payout. Also some have dubbed building maker as a way for Google Earth to get their work done free. I have to agree with this notion as what might be just fun and entertaining for me and you might end up making short work of 3D mapping for Google Earth.

Here is a video which pretty much sums up Building Maker.


Ruchi November 30, 2009

Seems interesting , will surely give it a try . Nice finding. 🙂

Ramkumar December 2, 2009

Have tried this one and works great, except for one issue, we can only select custom building from sketch, making a new one is very tough

sudharsan @ tricks tips March 13, 2010

wow..very nice tool..i can create it for my House..

Aditya Kane March 13, 2010

I am not sure you can do this for any building on Google earth but I guess in time that also could be reality.