Apple buys a company to create its own Google Earth

Google Earth was that awesome software which allowed you to rotate the entire world and then zoom into cities, suburbs and even your backyard. It was a one of a kind software and we can spend literally hours exploring the world in a virtual way.

Now that gave Google a tremendous product and it even has a premium version for more advance uses like town planning and geological surveys.

Branding the earth for satellites in space [Video]

Branding is very important. Almost all advertising is based on the concept of brand building. Large companies use everything from celebrities to tag lines which make you recognize the brand immediately. There is a trend now a days to brand your company for a previously unknown market which is space.

No aliens are not looking down through space and I am sure Firefox is not branding itself to aliens but it is doing so for a lot of people using Google Earth. A few years ago satellite pictures were only available for government agencies but today anyone with a computer can look up Google Earth imagery.

Download all Google related software in one go

If you are a fan of Google products (I must say its getting increasingly hard to come across someone who is not) you might be using Google related software on your computer. As I am about to buy a new computer, I was looking up what is new that Google has to offer. Google Pack […]

Create 3D buildings for Google Earth with Building Maker

Have you ever killed time on Google Earth? I do pass my time looking up cities all over the world which I don’t think I can afford to visit. One of the great features of Google Earth are the 3D buildings they have. This gives you a 3 dimensional birds eye view of monuments and […]

How does Google Earth and ISRO’s Bhuvan compare?

Comparing ISRO’s Bhuvan and Google Earth is that its like comparing a child with a full grown person. Google Earth has been at doing this for a long time so obviously ISRO Bhuvan cannot really reach that level as yet. Ofocurse being an Indian there is that sense of pride one can associate with Bhuvan […]

Roam Around the Moon in Google Earth

Marking the 40th anniversary of the first moon landing, Google has released Moon in Google Earth. Now millions of people across the globe can explore into the space and reach the moon, learn about the human discoveries accomplished till date. After Mars, the moon is the second planet in Google Earth’s collection, an educational new tool which is a critical step into the future.