Tag your Facebook photos automatically with Photo Tagger

Another supercool application for Facebook ‘Photo Tagger’. It is an application developed by face.com and even the Facebook officials use the same application to tag their photos on pages and their profiles due to the accuracy of this application.

This application works on the basis of previously tagged photos by you and detects the same face for new tags. This application basically detects all the faces in the selected album and categorizes it into three.

The first one is that in which it detects the name of the face from previously tagged photo. Second one is that in which an album is having more than one pic with the same face but the name is not defined. The third one is no name single face category which is known as ungrouped.

Check the screenshot below.


(click to enlarge)

In the above screenshot, a Facebook album is analyzed,

  1. Details gathered after analysis.
  2. Accurately detected faces but without name.
  3. Though this application is accurate but it isn’t 100% . See the two faces are similar but not same.
  4. Ungrouped faces, click on the small button below every pic to use a name for them.

Go to the application here or navigate from face.com