Day One: A Beautiful way to Quickly jot down your Personal Diary Entries

Day One is a well designed Journal app with support for Markdown, Dropbox/iCloud sync and lot more features packed in, with a simple interface. The app is free for limited time.

I don’t write a diary. The closest I have come to writing a diary, is using Path. It’s a mobile-only social network, but I’ve used it as a private place to write.

All this has changed after I’ve tried an app called Day One. The app is so good, that I’m ready to write a diary so that I can actually use the app.

Day One for iPhone

When you launch Day One on your iPhone, you’ll see a giant + icon and a camera icon. Tap the camera icon and you’ll be able to quickly snap a picture and attach it to your diary entry.

You can then attach location, weather and more to your entry, and then start typing text. Day One supports Markdown fine and the sliding bar on top of the keyboard will make it easy to format text using Markdown features.

It even has support for hashtags and Twitter usernames.

Day One has great customisation features built in. The default typeface is Avenir, but you can choose between Futura, Helvetica Neue and many more typefaces. They look gorgeous.

You can also lock the app and make sure it asks a passcode when you open it, for privacy concerns.

It’s amazing how simple the app looks, yet having so many features built in. That’s something which has amazed me.

There’s also a companion Mac app. Syncing will be done via iCloud or Dropbox.

Day One is actually sold for 2.99$, but it’s temporarily free as part of the App Store fifth anniversary celebrations.┬áSo, if you’ve got an iPhone, give Day One a try! I really wish they release an Android app.

Link: Day One for iPhone


Arun Sathiya July 9, 2013

The same over here, bro : I don’t have the habit of writing diaries. Looking forward to try this app when the Android version is launched. Do ping me if you hear any news, OK?

Vibin July 9, 2013

Sure thing.