Dear Readers… [Editorial]

323717649_d58e3488c5Dear Readers,

This is Rahul Bansal, Founder, Admin & Chief Editor, Devils Workshop.

Many of you have noticed that I was away from our workshop for more than a month. There were some personal problems which kept me away from this blog and other work. Although I couldn’t write in last month, I was always working at backstage and kept expanding parent company rtCamp.

I have noticed many of our readers left (unsubscribed) during one last month. Those who enjoyed my writing, please don’t make it point to leave Devils Workshop. I have so much to share with you guys and I won’t make you wait for it any more.

Now I am back with a better plan for our workshop, I want to take this as an opportunity to talk only about good and positive things…

Deepak Jain First I want to thank Deepak Jain (Editor, Devils Workshop) and all guest authors who kept Devils Workshop running. Deepak worked really hard and improved a lot as a blogger. He earned first permanent position at Devils Workshop on November 5th, 2008. I know this should have been announced with a dedicated post but its not too late to congratulate Deepak and ask for treat! 😉

We are now bigger family. Mayur Somani  and Vivek Jain are next 2 members of rtCamp family. Mayur joined us on November 10.  Vivek is under training and expected to get a position in development team within a week.

We are also working on many new products, blogs and services whose outcome will start appearing soon. Can’t reveal more about them right now. You know business secret…. 😉

Now I want only one thing from you guys… Whatever queries you have, please ask them at forum. I have so much to do so that from now on, no question will be answered via email, orkut scrapbooks, facebook walls, messages, etc. Please use forum only.

Since last morning I spend more than 20 hours answering more than 500 emails, comments and posts at forum. If I accidentally missed your question then please bring it to my notice. I always loved to reply all queries which are in line with our comment policy.

For guest bloggers, we have few surprises lined up. So start writing! Also as per demand by some authors we are considering to bring in a new revenue sharing model. Take this small survey to help us serve our community better.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

Thanks again,

-Rahul Bansal

(Photo Credit: Optimism by Nitin Sarkar)


Deepak Jain November 26, 2008


I am ready to give a party to my blogger friends.. But you all need to visit my place for that 😉

@ Rahul
Well.. Would you mind introducing me with other members of rtCamp?

Sriganesh November 26, 2008

Its nice to see you back Rahul.
We were actually missing ur posts but deepak gud a gr8 job by updating the blog.
Hope to hear more frm u ppl…
Keep up the gud job.

Quakeboy November 26, 2008

Welcome back Rahul.. In fact Deepak was doing a great job here. I didn’t much miss you as his posts were equally good.

I wonder what made people unsubscribe..

denharsh November 27, 2008

no problem rahul, we know whatever is keeping you away will be good enough for us to wait

neways rahul i asked for your number need little help with moving from blogspot to wordpress



denharsh November 27, 2008

FIlled the survey and i have some idea nwo whats in your Mind

and I’m very sure it will be a hit as no one have ever thaught of it before..:)

adi November 27, 2008

filled the survay 🙂

visited forum too….

mmmm from now on u wont be answering querries by e mail??? ;( bahut naa insaafee hai ;(

Pavan Kumar November 27, 2008

Glad that Devil is back. BTW, chota Devil did his job pretty well…

Waiting for you since long time, cool now 🙂

ArpitNext November 28, 2008

@Rahul : expecting some exciting posts like earlier.

@Deepak : congrats man!

@Pavan : “chhota Devil” : thats nice for Deepak 😉

Sauravjit Singh November 28, 2008

The contribution given by deepak to this website is awesome,but rahul could u please make a subscription column on which i can subscribe your posts as i m on this website to read ur posts as no guest author one can beat you…. 🙂

Deepak Jain November 30, 2008

@Sriganesh, @Quakeboy, @Pavan Kumar, @Sauravjit Singh:
Thanks for appreciating my posts..
I would look forward to post even interesting topics on this blog 🙂

@Pavan Kumar, @ArpitNext:
I am yet to go a long way to become “Chota Devil” even 😉

Sauravjit Singh:
Guess there’s some link using which you can view only Rahul’s post. Will check out and let you know soon. 🙂

Rahul Bansal November 30, 2008

Devils Workshop is part of rtCamp. Also all official work is proceeding under rtCamp name. So we are all from rtCamp! 🙂

@Sriganesh, Quakeboy, Pavan, Arpit & Sauravjit
Thanks for nice and encouraging comments for Deepak. In fact quality of his posts made me lazy about writing. 😉

Expect a jumbo post in a day or two! I really wanted to write on “moving from blogspot to wordpress” from long time.

A lot of time get wasted in answering same question again and again in emails. Thats why I am stressing use of forums.