Automatically Delete / Purge All Tweets from Your Twitter Account

When I created by first Twitter account, it was mainly used to follow other accounts. I ended up writing some tweets without much thought even though I had no followers. Sometime later I did manage to create another Twitter account which I use more prudently as I was using it professionally.

The first account I left alone, still using it to follow tech companies and services. But I had a lot of tweets which I would have preferred to delete for a fresh start. Only problem was that deleting 100s of tweets one by one was tedious.

Thankfully, SocialOomph a popular online service that allows a lot of automation options to your Twitter and Facebook accounts came up with an option to clean up your Twitter account of all its tweets.


How to Purge All Tweets from Twitter

  • First, create an account on if you do not have one. It is free. 🙂
  • Then link your Twitter account to your SocialOomph account and look up options under Scheduled Updates.
  • There will be an option to ‘Purge Twitter Tweets’. Click on it and wait as all your tweets get purged.
  • Once all tweets are deleted, an email is sent as an alert.

So if you are looking for a fresh start for your Twitter account, use this method to clean up all your Tweets.

Are you aware of any other similar service? Do drop in your comments.

Link: SocialOomph

One Comment

Jennie A. Barron January 11, 2012

Thank you for this information. I have many friends who are afraid to try to delete accounts, make changes or make their time worth the effort. It took days to learn how to do some of the things on my pc. I have been disabled for many years, and learning was slow. With this kind of information, it saves time calling a technician to do it. I like learning how to do things myself, although I am limited, I can learn if the instructions are easy to understand. Thank you, again.