DestroyTwitter 2 is now available for download

You might have used many twitter clients for easy tweeting, one is Destroy Twitter. Today DestroyTwitter version 2 is released. It is powered by adobe air and works on all three platforms. DestroyTwitter 2 currently support only one Twitter account at a time though the developer has plans to add support for multiple accounts in a future release.

You can download or update Destroy Twitter 2 and run those big improvements like complete window resizing, more accessible settings, change color, fonts, filtering etc. Lets see the change log of destroy twitter 2.

  • Less memory consumption because it doesn’t bundle a font anymore
  • Home interface features 4 columns Home, Mentions, Search and Messages (just like tweetdeck ?)
  • Complete window resizing to fit any columns.
  • Ability to follow conversations using the shortcut >>
  • Quick search

  • Check image links with in application
  • Automatic url shortening once you paste them.
  • Supports all three platforms (mac, windows, Linux)

There are few disadvantages too like doesn’t support native Retweets, multiple accounts etc.

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Do you think another new Twitter App will really succeed or is the market out there already reaching saturation?

Download DestroyTwitter 2.0 here and give your opinion on it through your comments.

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akshay1a2a3a June 26, 2010

heheh first i thought after reading heading that it will destroy twitter
nyc post