Integrate Twitter With Outlook

If you are an office going twitter addict, you must have got disapproving glances from your colleagues every time you log in to twitter or its desktop client alternatives.

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Today I came across a wonderful tool –TwInbox, which is made just for this situation. This tool integrates very nicely with Outlook, which every working professional keeps open throughout the day in office. Using it you can access Twitter through Outlook, see latest tweets, post messages and retweet about something. All this without your boss noticing :).

How to Install

1) Download TwInbox and run the exe file. Before that, close outlook.

2) After the installation is complete, restart Outlook. You’ll see a new toolbar at the top of Outlook window.


3) Click on TwInbox->Options. Here you’ll be prompted to enter your Twitter login details.

Login details

4) You’ll now be asked to specify a folder in Outlook where the tweets will be stored.

5) You are now ready to use twitter from Outlook.

Some tips to use TwInbox effectively

1) You can add multiple twitter account to TwInbox. For that simply go to TwInbox toolbar -> TwInbox -> Options and add another twitter account.

2) The toolbar at the top shows the latest tweet received in any of the accounts that you added.

Latest Tweet

To see all the tweets for a particular account, go to the folder that you mentioned while doing the installation. You’ll see separate folders for each of the accounts that you added. The tweets are neatly arranged in sub-folders- Home, Direct, Mentions.

Folders for different accounts

3) You can even create separate folders for every sender by going to Toolbar -> TwInbox ->Options -> Edit Account ->Preference.

Sepaprate folder for each sender

4) To post a new message, hit New button in the TwInbox toolbar.

Read other ways of using TwInbox effectively on their FAQ page.

Who will find it useful?

1) Like I mentioned, if you want to use twitter from office without your boss noticing, you will find this tool helpful.

2) If you are a business professional using twitter to promote your products, you will love this tool as you no longer need to log in to twitter, which will save your time.

The biggest advantage of the tool is you can use Outlook’s powerful features like auto-archive, Search etc. with it. And did I tell you it is free :).

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Try this tool and let us know your views about it through your comments.