DestructingMessage: How to send self destructing Emails?

Remember the sequence in Mission Impossible 2 where the lead character receives a message telling him of his mission which self destructs a few seconds later on listening to the message. Can we do this with emails?

Yes we can. I found Destructing Message a web service which does exactly that. It allows you to send email anonymously to a email address you want.


  • It was quite easy as the screen-shot can show you. You can either create a self-destructing link with a message or an email.
  • I could choose the message to destruct within 15 seconds as a minimum to a 5 minutes maximum.
  • The email is sent to the addressee but message is not show but a link is given to the person. Once you visit the link you can view the message and a counter counts down the seconds when the message will self destruct. 😉

There are various reasons you might want to send such an email. This email seems to be a totally secure way to send a anonymous email. Also it’s impossible to keep the message around for later reference as it get deleted. There are many other services which offer such self destructing email services but most requite you to sign-up and register.

This temporary email or self destruct message can also be useful to compel someone to take action. You can compel the person reading it to click on a link or take action as the message would be lost in 5 minutes. A interesting option for internet marketing.

So try out DestructingMessage and do let me know your opinions through your comments.

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  1. basically self destructing message is not an email , but something there on a diferent server. if it was an email there is now way we can bring the arrow back to the bow. I hope google comes out with the same , so it can save a lot of lives [ relations i mean 😛 ]

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