Devils’ Workshop Monthly Traffic Report April 2010

Like every month we are again releasing our monthly traffic report. Seems like April was not as fruitful as we expected in last monthly traffic report.

We expected to reach 200,000 unique visits and taken away by 7K odd visits. Though we are expecting to reach that milestone this month and more over we need to work on our bounce rate. This is a major problem for us, since we cover lots of diff topics related to technology. We are working on making every blog in our network as niche blog and we have already converted Callingallgeeks as an iPhone/Gadgets blog and Shoutmeloud as Blogging, make money online, SEO related blog.

At Devils’ Workshop we will be covering lots of technology updates, computer hacks and magic and twitter tools.

All blogs in our blog network are open for guest blogging and most of them have good page rank.

Traffic report for April 2010:

  • devils-workshopVisits: 193,070
  • Page Views: 284,500
  • Bounce rate: 78.94%

Traffic sources


Like every month our most of the traffic comes from search engine and from now on we will be expending our traffic source to social media sites too.

We also upgraded our linode server package to linode 1440 package as we will be pulling in Shoutmeloud and other blogs in the same WordPress MU, so that you can login with the single username and password and guest blog on any blogs in rtBlogs network.

I hope you are enjoying our articles and we will love to hear your feedback to make Devils’ workshop and rtBlogs  better place for everyone.


MostlyBlog May 4, 2010

good static and yes bounce rate big problem for tech blog, all the best for this month

Harsh Agrawal May 4, 2010

Thanks For your comment and hope to see less bounce rate this month.