Facebook’s new higest traffic record [June 2010]

Once again facebook.com breaks it’s own traffic record in United States for the month of June by getting more than 141 million unique visitors (via comScore) in U.S. Even in the month of May Facebook got around 130 million unique visitors which was a record in itself too. If we see the previous year’s traffic […]

Devil’s Workshop Monthly Traffic Report: May 2010

Like every month we are sharing our Monthly traffic report here at Devils’ workshop and it’s always help us to motivate to do better. This month our traffic has increased by few thousands visits and we have increased the frequency and quality of our articles. More over guest bloggers started taking more interest and if […]

Devils’ Workshop Monthly Traffic Report April 2010

Like every month we are again releasing our monthly traffic report. Seems like April was not as fruitful as we expected in last monthly traffic report. We expected to reach 200,000 unique visits and taken away by 7K odd visits. Though we are expecting to reach that milestone this month and more over we need […]

Devils’ Workshop Monthly Traffic Report February 2010

Like every month , we are publishing Traffic report for Devils’ workshop. 2 days back we released our new design and you can read more about Devils’ Workshop New WordPress theme here. Undoubtedly traffic of Devils’ workshop is increasing and we are trying to limit our niche to certain area and we will talk about […]

Alexa toolbar versus Alexa.com

If you are using spark “Sparky” – The Alexa Toolbar for Firefox then you might have noticed that the current traffic rank on Sparky for any website and the actual traffic rank of that website on Alexa.com is always different, mostly in the cases when the rank of that particular website is greater than thousand.

For example the current rank of Devils Workshop is 17,430 according to Alexa toolbar ‘Sparky’ and it’s actual rank is 17,299 (as on September 30th 2009).

Top 5 Tips to Increase your BlogSpot Blog’s Trafic and Revenue

OK! Let me clarify right at the beginning, as the title quite clearly states, these tips are centered around blogs based on Google’s blogger.com and not ones based on the wordpress platform (although I’m planning one for it soon).

So what does it take to bring people to your blog and turn them into regular visitors? Of course content is king, but when it comes to blogger many background tips are equally important to increase views and your money!

Moving From Blogger To WordPress – Maintaining Permalinks, Traffic & SEO

Most bloggers who start on blogger.com realize that they should have started on wordpress first. They decide to make a move but worried about losing all traffic, pagerank, SEO, etc.
Follow steps listed in this guide and you will never loose any traffic, pagerank, permalink & SEO while moving from Blogger to Wordpress!

Traffic Stats and Analysis of 2008

Year 2008, has been amazing year for Devils Workshop. It started with around 200,000 visitors count on sitemeter and out of the blue a thought crossed my mind – Can I make sitemeter counter cross 1 million visitor count! Surprisingly, at the end of year we were very close to 1 million mark… 970,585! We […]