Disappointed by iPhone 4S? Just read this once!

After a long waiting period of 15 months, Apple finally launched their new iPhone that is iPhone 4S on October 4th 2011. The phone itself is a great device but high expectations of people and rumors that Apple will launch iPhone 5 this year made it a little disappointing device when it actually came in front of us. Everyone’s saying that Apple isn’t going to continue its number one position in the smartphone market and iPhone 4S isn’t gonna be successful like iPhone 4 and 3GS. But when we actually studied the market what we found is that iPhone 4S is in great demand and even iPhone 4 wasn’t that popular. Here are few points that tells us why Apple iPhone 4S isn’t a disappointing device.


Disappointed by iPhone 4S; Really?

Pre-Bookings: Well I don’t know whether you are disappointed by its launch or not but more than a million people are happy with its launch. After the pre-booking got started, people ordered more than a million iPhone 4S in just 24 hours which is itself a record. Whereas this booking for iPhone 4 was 6,00,000 in a single day. This data clearly says how popular is the device.

Google Search: Ever tried searching iPhone 4S on Google? If yes then you must have noticed that the most searched terms about iPhone 4s is about its pre-order or the carriers with which it will be available. There’s nothing like a negative search in top searches about the device.

iOS 5: iPhone 4S comes up with most advanced Mobile Operating System till date. 4S will be pre-equipped with iOS 5 and there will be a free personal setup for iPhone 4S customers at the apple store. With iOS 5 you will get 200 new features. Check out some major features of iOS 5 here.

Camera: The new iPhone 4S is equipped with an 8 MP camera unlike iPhone 4 which is having only 5 MP. Also the aperture of the lens is more now plus the video is HD at 1080p.

Processor: iPhone 4s comes up with the iPad 2 processor that is A5 chip which is a dual core processor. That means it’s the fastest iPhone till date. Obviously you can’t get it in your iPhone 4 as it’s a hardware change.

Siri: ‘Siri’ is the thing that makes iPhone 4S and 4 completely different. This is a voice based interface where you can give voice commands to your phone just like you talk to someone. Using Siri your iPhone automatically detects what you want and gives you a solution using 3G or Wi-Fi connection. You can even make calls, read messages, set reminders, check the weather or find something in maps using Siri. Again this is not an update for iPhone 4.

After these 6 solid points I think iPhone 4S is a powerful device and as always Apple didn’t disappoint us this time as well. 🙂

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Dinesh October 18, 2011

I love siri.