Don’t like Google Buzz? Remove it

Google Buzz is out and many if not all have already got it with their Gmail account. I have come across some dissapointment but not too much. I guess there are mixed feelings about Google Buzz but not yet too much negatives about it. I don’t think it is going the Google Wave way.


One thing that is scary with Google Buzz is that if you are using Gmail for work and personal then you might end up having 100s of contacts who might make their way as your followers on Buzz. I have a couple of Gmail accounts and both have Google Buzz enabled. One of them I would like to use for sharing things on Google Buzz but the other I would not want spamming my Inbox. This by the way happens when once you comment on something  and someone else adds to the comment.

  • Simplest way of Google Buzz being removed from your Gmail account is log into your Gmail account. Then go right down to the end of the page. Here you will see the link “Turn Off Buzz”. Clicking on it removes Buzz from Gmail. Don’t worry that does not mean you cannot share stuff on Buzz.


  • Just send a mail with your contents to [email protected] and the contents are shared on Google Buzz.
  • If you want Buzz on Gmail, go to the same link at the bottom of the page. The link will be “Turn on Buzz”; click on it and you are set.
  • I think this is a boon and I will probably switch off Buzz on my personal email while keep it for the Gmail account I use for sharing, storing and reading stuff.

Let me know your opinions through your comments.


Gautam February 11, 2010

Anyway to make Buzz not email the updates?

Aditya Kane February 11, 2010

@Gautam: there is no ready-made filter but I guess one simple method would be to create a filter in Gmail and Select >> skip in Inbox. This will not update your Inbox but will keep Buzz on Gmail. 😉

Anshul February 11, 2010

That ws informative.. personally I don’t like Buzz.. Gmail is good at mails and instead of trying out other things it should focus on what it is good at… there are big market players like facebook and twitter who are doing this job in a much better way… what do u say ??

Aditya Kane February 11, 2010

@Anshul: I know that is your point but there are rumors that Facebook might be coming allong with its Mail client expanding on its current messaging system. I guess Gmail is trying to preempt Facebook by offering a social tool of its own.

Rohit@White Color February 11, 2010

Thanks for this help! Google Buzz currently has a privacy flaw and everything is getting exposed to everyone, so I would better like to turn off the Buzz for the time being.

Allen @ Bollywood May 31, 2010

i love you use google buzz services, its been new but they will need work more on google buzz to make it top.