Web tool to get rid of addiction to certain websites

Many of us who work in the business of internet we often have to work had at ignoring Facebook, Twitter and so many other distractions which sometimes are necessary to network but can also be a huge sap on the time you actually should be spending working.
Some companies block certain websites while some allow a more open environment and expect their employees to practice self control on not wasting too much time on social networks or on unproductive internet surfing. As far as self regulation is concerned here is a novel website which can allow you to regulate the amount of time you spend on a particular website.


  • Enter the URL of the  website you want to restrict your visit. Do not use ‘http://’ with the URL.
  • Check the time you want as minimum between new visits to the website. It is 90 minutes by default.
  • When you click on “Create URL” you get a new url which is created by the website. Replace that url with your Bookmark to your favorite page.
  • Once you visit the page and close the Tab you cannot visit the page for the minimum time you have set.
  • The one draw back is this work only if you use it through Bookmarks on the browser. Same URl can easily be opened if you enter it in the address bar.

I liked this website as it also has a timer which can actually display a time you are spending on a particular website. I think more than controlling the time between visits a display of the actual time in minutes and seconds spent on a website can be a big wake up call. Do try out To visit or Not and drop in your comments.


Anshul Dixit February 11, 2010

Its like asking an alcoholic to keep his bottle of wine in an almirah, lock it and keep the keys in his pocket… I have seen a couple of such sites but I don’t really understand the use of it.. There are better ways to fight addiction than opening up a second site to prevent not opening the first one…The one that works best for me is setting a target such as I’ll not open facebook before I complete so and so amount of work… Self Control is the best policy..

Himadri Dimri May 20, 2011

Ha ha it is but at times when you are bored and stressed, you tend to open such recreational websites 😛 So I really need this so that I do not open “the” websites at work!!!