Download ZooZoo calendar for 2010

ZooZoo CalendarZoo Zoos the small round headed creatures from the Vodafone advertisements are back and now they have a calendar released.

Initially released as a campaign during IPL 09 on television it captured the imagination of people immediately.

Thought to be animation it was later revealed that the ZooZoos were not animated but were actors with specially designed costumes. The craze for ZooZoos reached at its zenith I guess when it received a PETA award.

Now here is a calendar for 2010 featuring Zoo zoos available in .pdf file format. If you want to check it out, click here to download Zoo Calendar.

So if you are a fan of these strange but funny Vodafone brand ambassadors, let me know what you think about the calendar.


Manu December 20, 2009

It’s a pdf file. How do you save the individual pictures?
:-/ 😮

vivek jain December 25, 2009

In Acrobat Reader version 5:

Click the Graphics Select Tool on the toolbar or press key G on the keyboard.
Select the area or picture you wish to copy.
Copy the selected area and paste it to an image editor and save it to your hard drive.

sauravjit December 25, 2009

Alternatively you can convert that file to a word file. Read this:

Manu December 27, 2009

Is there any way for the version 8.0?

priyanka January 31, 2010

I’m interested in buying the zoozoo calendar 2010.

can anyone help where can i get it. i have a soft copy.

but need to gift it to my frnd….

giri May 24, 2011

your vodafone zo zoo adds are so nice and more effective. children are watching t.v. for u r zo zoo adds and enjoy alot