Use Google URL shortener service without toolbars or extensions

Google has recently launched its URL shortener service and it has got a lot of coverage. I was just doing to catching up with some blog reading and I found that it is full of excited praise for URL shortener should be quite a big thing, considering Google is big fish on the Internet. But currently it can be only used by using Google Toolbar if you are using Internet Explorer or Firefox. It also has support through an extension which can be installed on Chrome.

Feedburner can also be used to create short URL using but there is no website by Google where I could go to and use this service. That problem was solved thanks to a website I came across.

URL Shortener on website without using Google Toolbar and Extension

  • is a website which is run by Alexandre Gaigalas. Once at the website I could simply type in the URL I wanted and click on Shorten.
  • This created a short URL using
  • This website is not run by Google and the service is still in testing mode. I used it to shorten DW URL and it works.

Do you know of any such services with respect to Let me know through your comments.

Editor’s Note: You can also read the review of how to use URL shortener service with a Firefox Addon (not Google toolbar) and with a Bookmarklet.


Pranay airan December 19, 2009

Cool can u give the link to the chrome extension?

Aditya Kane December 19, 2009

Ive added the link in the post. You can download it from here.
Hope it helps. 🙂
You can also read up my post on Twitter + url shortner extension with Chrome.

Matthew Flaschen December 19, 2009

I’ve written both a Firefox extension ( and a bookmarklet ( bookmarklet.aspx). They both use my gateway,, which handles’s security through obscurity authentication.

Aditya Kane December 19, 2009

Thanks for sharing that with us Matthew, I will review it later. 🙂

Pravin February 23, 2011

Wow, It’s very useful service.I used it to shorten URL and it works.