Dreamhost Pending Rewards Calculator [Greasemonkey Script]

I have just created a Greasemonkey script exclusively for Dreamhost. So those who do not use Dreamhost may not find this of any use.

Now this script makes it easy to track your pending rewards under Dreamhost referral program. If you ever used it, then you may know that whenever someone sign-up using your referral link, any commission you earned kept pending for 97 days.

By default, Dreamhost reward panel shows date of joining with other information. I found its quite painful to calculate mechanically how many days left for each pending referral to cash-out. So this script simply add “X days Left” kind of meta-information next to each pending link.

Here are screenshots…

#Before Script:

#After Script:

This is Greasemonkey script. So you will need Firefox and Greasemonkey to make it work.

Link: Dreamhost Pending Reward Days Calculator

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