New Facebook with New Application Menu

Facebook recently added new application menu to their new interface. With the new application menu, they are making better use of screen-space. Facebook’s bottom-chat bar is now useful to users who do not like to chat at all or like to chat using desktop clients.

This is good news for facebook application developers too as they were little disappointed by new facebook design which is more “user-centric”.

As a user, I just hope that applications won’t be able to add themselves to this new application menu on their own. Between I think there is limit of only 6 icons in bottom-bar which will prevent applications cluttering up your page.

From last few weeks, I observed very less application spam-invitation. I am not sure its about new facebook or my low usage of facebook. If you have noticed any improvements, please share with us.

If you are still having problem with applications’ invitation spam, you may consider using our Block-All or Ignore-All applications invitation with one-click scripts which are still better than Facebook’s “ignore-all” option.