[Editorial] Scheduled Downtime for Maintenance

Hi All!

We will be upgrading our servers for things listed below tonight (after 1 hour).

We are expecting downtime from 30 minutes to 1 hour. As we have so many things to upgrade/improve, downtime is unavoidable. 🙁

All guest bloggers requested to save their posts/work before 3AM if they are planning to write tonight.

Things we will be doing!

  • Upgrade Ubuntu 9 to Ubuntu 10 (LTS)
  • Upgrade WordPress MU 2.9.2 to WordPress 3.0
  • Turn on nginx fastcgi_cache
  • Migrate from php-fastcgi to php-fpm
  • Say bye-bye to Wp-Super-Cache and use w3TotalCache with nginx
  • Enable CDN on other blogs
  • Remove domain-mapping plugin (we don’t need it anymore for domain mapping to work, in our case at least! See this post)
  • Enable APC and memcache and configure w3Total Cache to use these high-performance extensions (will post about this later on wpveda)

Following blogs/sites will be affected…

Also if any other sites in our network or hosted/managed by rtCamp goes down please bear with us.

We will be coming back with faster server! Really… 😉

Update: Maintenance is over with 20 minutes downtime total. Items striked out are skipped for various reasons.

(Image credit: chaufkipeut)

One Comment

pragati June 27, 2010

wow… our sites will be blazing fast… nice work