Google Outage: When God of the Internet Took a Break!

“Google is God” is a quote I come across often since I became a blogger. If you are online, there is very little chance you do not know about Google or have not used the search engine. Managing several million search queries every hour effortlessly, we often take Google search engine for granted. Today it […]

Important – Major Changes to rtBlogs Network

Hi All, You might have noticed a major downtime today for Devils Workshop as well as other blogs in rtBlogs network. We were pushing a major update where we merged all blogs in rtBlogs WordPress multisite inside rtCamp’s WordPress multisite. The goal was to centralize our user’s login info so that they can easily contribute to […]

Google’s Blogger Faces Downtime: Trouble in the Cloud!

Google has often talked a lot about the cloud. Store everything you want online and access it anywhere. This all sounds fantastic most times until the moment something goes wrong. The popular blogging platform is down. This service has been down for a few hours and this probably shakes confidence of people in Cloud […]

Facebook is Down!!

Well this is a quick post to inform all you guys that most popular social-networking website of the world, is Down. The website was facing some technical difficulties like slow access and problem in loading content after which the whole website went down. We can also check thousands of tweets regarding the same. The […]

[Editorial] Scheduled Downtime for Maintenance

Hi All! We will be upgrading our servers for things listed below tonight (after 1 hour). We are expecting downtime from 30 minutes to 1 hour. As we have so many things to upgrade/improve, downtime is unavoidable. 🙁 All guest bloggers requested to save their posts/work before 3AM if they are planning to write tonight. […]

Get notifed by email if your website is down

If you own a website you might have shared you own issues with having your website down. For a blogger this can also mean precious loss of traffic and subsequently a loss of revenue. is one such website that monitors your website and sends you an email if it goes down. Features conducts […]

Yet again Gmail Users Face Downtime and Problems Accessing Contacts

Suddenly, a couple of minutes ago while having chat with one of my friend, Gmail started giving some errors and after refreshing the page for a few times I got a “Temporary Error (503)” message as seen on the screenshot below. After waiting for few minutes, when again I started refreshing the page, another strange […]

[#Gfail] Gmail is not completely down! Google Apps version is UP

From last few hours Gmail has been down here. First I thought, its unlucky me as coincidentally my internet connection is experiencing some problems since last night. But Twitter (and this) confirmed that I am not alone! Still, as a (G)mail addict, I am waiting desperately for Gmail to come back, as I need to […]