Enable Publishing Google+ Posts on your Orkut Profile

Five years ago, I was not on Facebook or Twitter. MySpace was not something I cared of either. Social networking meant being on Orkut. Orkut was special because as a popular social product in India, it actually ended up getting me in touch with my friends from school.

Lately, I have not checked my Orkut profile for months on end while I check my other social profiles atleast once daily.

Today, Orkut rolled out a new feature that allows users to link their Google+ profiles with their Orkut profiles.

Login to your Orkut account and ideally you should see the option to link it with your Google+ account as seen in the screenshot above.

Now Allow your Google+ public posts to be published on Orkut.

You will notice that your old Orkut profile image has been replaced with the one from Google+.

Is it the end of Orkut?

Considering Orkut still has millions of active users and Google+ is still relatively modestly successful, I did not really think Orkut would be closed down by Google. But options like this one and also other previous features like importing photos from Orkut to Google+ actually allow users to sort of co-opt Orkut into their Google+ profile. Orkut might not close down anytime soon but it seems like the beginning of the end for it.

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