Simplest Way to Move Your Orkut Albums to Google+

Three years ago, I would check into my Orkut Account more than a couple of times a day. It went down to once or twice a week when I started using Facebook. Now a days, I visit Orkut, once a month (honestly only to check if something has changed on it).

As a lot of my friends were on Orkut, I had uploaded a few photo albums to share with my friends. There are workarounds to download the albums and then upload them to Google+. Now there is a way to transfer the Orkut album directly to Google+.

Login to your Orkut profile and look up the “Photos” section. There at the top a link to transfer the albums to Google+ account can be seen.

Copy Orkut Albums to Google+

Now you can see all your albums. Just select all the albums you want to move to Google+ and click on the “Import Selected” button.


All your albums are moved to Google+ within seconds and the best part is that by default, the albums can only be viewed by you.

This would probably help as you might not want all your contacts to view the photos your moved from Orkut.

I know in the early days when Google+ was introduced, this option was not available but it seems a useful and much-needed on. You might also want to check up on a Chrome Extension to move Facebook Albums to Picasa.

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Geekyard October 23, 2011

Simple and nice piece of information for Google Plus Lovers 🙂 Orkut is famous is India & Brazil only.

Google plans to quit Orkut but do to many users in India & Brazil. They are thinking about it 🙂

Aditya Kane October 23, 2011

@Geekyard: Yes, users will soon move to Google +,
by the way can you please use a nickname or real name to comment. Using your website name is against our comments policy, your blog url can be in url field.