Enable YouTube’s New Design with Cosmic Panda

Google+ might be grabbing headlines in the past week for being one of it’s best ‘social media’ products. But there is one more Google owned service which is highly social. That service is YouTube and it has its own very interactive social environment.

Not a lot has changed with YouTube’s designs and how it displays the videos and playlists. Related videos still pop-up in the right hand column and in general there seems to be just a lot happening while watching a video.

YouTube has unveiled Cosmic Panda which is a way for users to test out its new layout and display options.

Below is the current layout while users play a video.


Notice how the suggestions are on the right hand column and the resize options are hidden.

Now after signing up for the Cosmic Panda test on YouTube, the same video showed with some more interesting changes.


I noticed that the comments and suggested videos are shown in tabs below the video while video size can be changed more easily than before.

If you have your own channel on YouTube, you can even check out the new themes and layouts made available for the YouTube Channel. Head over to Youtube.com/cosmicpanda and try out the new features and design layouts for YouTube.

Also let me know if you like the current layout or the new one planned through your comments.

Link: Cosmic Panda

One Comment

salman July 8, 2011

It’s Good looking format of YouTube.I bored using YouTube’s old format.mostly i like to use Metacafe Format either use Cosmic Panda.