Exploring the Indian Animation Industry [TDIS]

hanuman_epic_storyGot good marks in HSC? Now looking for graduation subject? What are your options? Engineering… MBBS… BCom, then CA? Ahh… the same old career options.

I am sure many of us feel the same way. “I need more choices… more scope to enhance my creative talent! There must be a ‘hidden’ option somewhere out there!” Well there is good news people. There are more alternatives to choose from and this post is just about that — it is about the world of ANIMATION!

I think it’s still a path less known. Not many are aware of this industry and consider this as a sound career option. So here are a few facts to help you get acquainted with this industry:

Garfield and Ody

  1. Indian animation industry was approximately worth Rs.12 billion in 2006 while its estimated worth by end 2009 is Rs.42 billion. That is an impressive growth of 83% (avg) on year.
  2. Domestic animation studios like Toonz Animation, Crest Communication, Maya Entertainment, UTV Toons, Zee have picked up lots of good US and domestic projects in recent years. They even plan to produce full feature length 3D animation movies in the coming years.
  3. Growth potential in India is enormous as India has large pool of talented young people. If trained properly, they can be the biggest asset of the Indian animation industry. This is clearly visible by the trends in the companies like Arena multimedia, which offers several full time, long length diploma programs in animation.

India thus has a huge potential for outsourced projects from the US and Europe. The trend has already picked up momentum as many big production studios like Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Sony etc. are outsourcing work to India. Many special effects in the movies like Independence Day or Pearl Harbour were done in Indian studios.

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[Editor’s Note: This article is submitted by Aditya Apte. He is a software engineer by profession and new to blogging. This is his first blog post.


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Quakeboy April 13, 2009

I think i’m start to like this TDIS thing.. first I thought its too off topic.. but articles like this are welcome..

Rahul Bansal April 22, 2009

Glad to know you like this article.
You can contribute something to it as well.

Deepak Apte April 13, 2009

Good first blog son!

Kapil April 14, 2009

Hi Aditya,
I am working in an Indian animation Company since last 10 Months and have seen how animation companies are growing…

It definitely a career option and its not only for those who are searching career options…There are engineers, mathematicians working hard to evolve number of applications and softwares…

There are softwares like Maya(etc) which are very dynamic and programmable. Lots of fascinating stuff is there for those who love mathematics…Especially transformations (FFT).

And last but not least, you are dealing with graphics….so GPU programming…List is endless…!

Its for sure India is gonna be next Animation Hub…!

Aditya Apte April 15, 2009


I completely agree… career options in animation industry goes well beyond graphic artists etc… like you said softwares like Maya and 3dmax use highly complex but efficient algorithms to render graphic outputs.. there are many techniques used like Ray tracing which are highly computationally intensive… and require special hardware.. just to give an example… Pixar studio has its own rendering machine (named RenderMan: https://renderman.pixar.com/products/whatsrenderman/index.htm) which is almost as powerful a super computer!
So the point is there are many career options in s/w, h/w, pure science and mathematics as well.