Face Morphing Software from Orkut: People Hopper

Face morphing is one of the technology which I personally enjoy a lot. Converting a boy into a girl, converting a man into tiger or any other animal and so on. This is fascinating to me and I’m sure those who have tried other Face morphing software will enjoy Face morphing a lot.

Google has released an application for Orkut named as People hopper which will let you morph any of your friend face into other friend face and you can see the cycle of changes.

face_morphing_orkut You can add this application by clicking on this link. Though  other orkut user reported that this application is not working into their account but it seems to be working fine for my Orkut profile. Note : I tested this on Google powered chrome browser.

Have you tried this face morphing application yet? Do  let me know if this is working for you or not.


Gautam February 6, 2010

Shouldn’t this post have been on OrkutDiary?

vivek jain February 6, 2010

You are right Gautam. There was an small glitch while publishing. Since its posted so cant be reverted. But it wont be repeated in future. 🙂

swapnil saxena March 6, 2010

u r haveing good site

Prashant June 1, 2010

Shouldn’t this post have been on OrkutDiary?

Aditya Kane June 1, 2010

you are right Prashant, as Vivek mentioned in the comments there was a small glitch while publishing but as the post was published we cannot revert it back.

priya June 23, 2010

i like it

dinesh chavan July 13, 2010

very good site in orkut

hanna August 8, 2010

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