Get messenger like notifications from multiple Gmail accounts

Gmail has now a days become the first choice email for many and very often we have more than 2 or 3 Gmail accounts. For instance you might have separate Gmail accounts for your blog, personal mail and work related email. As you might know that we at rtCamp use Google apps and I have a personal Gmail account. So monitoring multiple account makes sense for me.
I wrote a few days ago about using Greasemonkey scripts to use multiple Gmail accounts from the same page.

Now I wanted to share with you Gmail Manager 0.6 which is a Firefox add-on. In the case you have some concerns having Greasemonkey scripts running on your browser from a security angle; Gmail manager makes a lot of sense.


About Gmail Manager

  • Gmail Manager add-on can be downloaded by clicking here. Once the add-on is downloaded restart Firefox browser.
  • The add-on options allows your enter your Gmail ID and Password. This will give you notification for any acocunt when you get an email.
  • Just clicking on the relevant account will take you directly to your Inbox.
  • If you hover your mouse pointer over the Account tag; you will get a pop-up which shows your emails that are in your inbox. Unfortunately you cannot go directly to the email from the pop-up. I guess that is what can be considered room for improvement.

If you are using Firefox browser and have a lot of active Gmail accounts Gmail Manager add-on is something which should interest you.

One Comment

arul February 9, 2010

Is there any extension available for Chrome to do the same thing? I know there is a Gmail Notifier.. but something which can handle multiple Gmail IDs along with app domains of Gmail would be real useful.