Facebook Ads Will Show Up Directly in News Feed

Facebook has come a long way since it had no Ads on it. But now Facebook Ads are part of life and the challenge was serving up ads which are non-intrusive and yet relevant.

As a social network where 800 million people interact everyday, serving up relevant ads is not exactly a problem for Facebook.

Being non-intrusive might not be that easy but it has managed fine until now. It might all change in the future as according to ClickZ, Facebook will show Ads in the News Feeds of users directly.


How Facebook Ads in News Feeds will work

  • Users will see Ads only from connected sources. Which means friends or ‘liked’ brand pages can advertise on your news feeds.
  • The Ad will show up only once in a day, which should be fine as showing it all the time might actually make it more spam than an advertisement.
  • Sponsored stories might be a nice way to reach out with new offers and deals with people who are fans of a particular page, but on the flip side there might be problems for someone who is a fan of hundreds of brands and might get 4 or 5 Ads showing up everyday.

At the moment, Facebook will have tread carefully with Ads in News Feeds. This balance will have to be delicate and precise. If Facebook pulls it off successfully, it might start minting a lot of money.

What are your views? Would you like seeing Ads from Pages in your News Feeds? Do drop in your comment.


Ashish Mundhra December 22, 2011

I am sure a developer is has already started working on writing a script to hide them form the timeline.

Dharamveer Nimiwal December 23, 2011