Google Chrome Is Now The Most Popular Browser in India

Over the past 2 years, Chrome as a browser has gained a lot of popularity and is now ahead of Firefox as the second most used browser. In India, however the situation is even better for Chrome. It is not only very popular but has overtaken Internet Explorer as the most popular browser.

This growth is incredible considering that Internet Explorer’s usage was almost at 50% while that of Chrome was less than 15% only two years ago. Chrome and Firefox have gained the most while IE seems to be in a free fall according this graph from StatCounter.


Why Chrome rules India?

  • Internet Explorer is just not customization friendly as Firefox and Chrome. People have outgrown tools bars and prefer less intrusive extensions.
  • Firefox should have ideally maintained a lead over Chrome, but it fumbled with its Firefox 4.0 release. Firefox was considered heavy and high on resources. Things have changed with recent versions of Firefox but people might still view it unfavorably now.
  • Chrome has been helped a lot with probably being the only browser in India to get promoted via online advertisements as well as television ads.
  • Internet users demographically are a lot younger than all over the world. This means a greater acceptability of newer software, which includes browsers.

Maybe it is a good time for Google to seriously push Chromebooks in India. Thanks to Ishit for the tip.

Which browser are you using and why? Do drop in your comments.

6 replies on “Google Chrome Is Now The Most Popular Browser in India”

  1. I want to use firefox because I love it but its auto update stop me to use it because it makes my EDGE net more slow, so I use Chrome.

    1. @Parminder: I think Chrome also updates automatically behind the scenes like Firefox. Yes, I guess the Firefox updates might be more bulkier than Chrome.

  2. Aditya Kane i would realy say that u people work fast, in just few hrs u post the article..

    And for ur question i obviously use Chrome the main reason is that its more fast and has amazing apps..

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