Facebook AutoPoke Script – Poke Back All at Once!


One of Devils Workshop reader mailed me this screenshot (at the right) of her facebook account! Being user of our Facebooks anti-apps Ignore ALL & Block ALL scripts she requests a way so that she can "poke back" all pokers at once. 

Thanks to GreaseMonkey, we can use a auto poke script!

When installed this script will automatically check if somebody had poked you whenever you go to your facebooks homepage. If it sees any pending pokes, it will automatically poke back the poker. (Check following screenshot!)





Credits: Mike Soh – Author of this script!

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Kate May 7, 2008

Hi there!! I installed the script, but now I’m not seeing poke notifications at all. I’ve been in a poke war, so I have to imagine I’m being poked (hehe) but I’m not seeing any notifications. I’m running Firefox 2.0. Any ideas?



Rahul Bansal May 7, 2008

If script gets installed successfully, just visiting your facebook homepage auto-poke all pokers.
The text “poke back” as shown in sidebar is changed to “Auto-Poked!” if all goes well. (see screenshots in post…)

Just in case, if you are new to GreaseMonkey scripts, refer to this quick & short GreaseMonkey tutorial! 🙂

Rest, there is no problem with Firefox 2.0…

Robbie October 26, 2010

Its not working for me, im running the latest firefox but not the beta. everything is still the same, possible that facebook has blocked this script?

clyde February 21, 2012

hey i installed it but i cant so no changes or no “auto pokes” taking place can you help me out?

dale October 30, 2009

how do i install this for apple

Shreyas September 28, 2010

thx man..
u r gr8..
thank u..

Netta October 27, 2010

It is not working for me. I installed Firefox and GreaseMonkey today and I see no change where my pokes are. Help me!

mara November 17, 2010

love it ! awesome thanks !!!

alen December 1, 2010

what ever i try i get

Auto-Poke failed! [1.1]

help me

Bob May 15, 2011


mhmz December 16, 2010

thats because facebook always changes the code for it to not work 🙂 waiting for new version

brian December 20, 2010

script working on 20th december

Robby January 3, 2011

I got it to work if you edit the script after installing go to grease monkey and manage user scripts select the facebook poke then add the facebook home page link face book change there home page link the ones inside dont match

Robby January 3, 2011

Side note leave the other pages in take just go to face book log in click home and copy the top link into included pages love the script by the way

shawn January 3, 2011

any help for chrome users?

NevoraskiA January 7, 2011

It works for me, but only partially correct. It will auto-poke when I log into facebook, but not every time I visit my facebook home. Any input or suggestions? LOL… is there a script that I can install that will just automatically repoke no matter whether I’m at the computer or not?… like some script I can post into my facebook information boxes.

Michelle January 26, 2011

How to uninstall it!!

Jon February 2, 2011

works great thanks 🙂

randy February 22, 2011

this isn’t working!!!!

rob shapiro March 4, 2011

not working. cant find way to edit script…what does the desktop icon look that should come once i hit edit on facebook poke script

shocky March 11, 2011

still works as of tonight I followed Robby’s instructions and all went well “// @include http://www.facebook.com/” take away the comas

amanda March 17, 2011

does this tell the people you’re poking that they’ve been “autopoked?”

nick91 March 20, 2011

Didn’t works for me. I tried to change my home page link in the script but it’s still Auto-poke failed! [1.1] Anyone know how to install correctly the script ?

X-ern March 21, 2011

it doesn’t work ;(
it says Auto-Poke failed! [1.1]

Grimsheep April 2, 2011

I think facebook has changed their code again and the result is making the autopoker not work =[

Can you please send me an email when you have it working again?

rebekahxo April 4, 2011

keeps coming up Auto-Poke failed! [1.1] which is making me sad, can someone help? xx

Panda May 1, 2011

it didn’t work for me either, any suggestion? “Auto-Poke failed! [1.1]” and needs to close and re-open my facebook site to activate the application

Jennifer Smith May 24, 2011

I had autopoke for bout 6 months and still have the monkeybar..but my pokes keep comin up autopoke failed [1.1] I am tryin to go back thru the steps of reinstallin like I did to get aoutopoke and I can’t seemed to get it to work…please help if anyone can I am computer dumb…but did seem to get it to work for a pretty good while…please if anyone has and suggestions of what I am doin wrong help me…thank you so very much Jennifer…have been readin your comments and see that some of you are havin the same trouble did you get it fixed and how…thanks…

Johan N. Andersen April 11, 2012

There is also this great alternative for an auto-poker as an extension to Google Chrome, which will soon get a major update, and is also about to be released to safari and firefox: