Facebook dominating in the online identity market

When we think about Facebook we think about status updates, sharing videos, facebook apps and many more. There is something else that makes Facebook important and that is it can be your online identity. Most of us have double or triple identities. That does not mean that we have 2 or 3 Facebook accounts but it means your Google ID, MSN ID and Yahoo credentials are also your online identity.

So where does Facebook stand compared to other when it comes to be being considered its default identity by people using the internet.

The pie-chat from above was taken from Mashable and it shows representation of Sign-in preference across all websites. Facebook is used by 23.1% whereas Google leads with 38.5%. I think that is fair representation as more people are likely to use their Gmail ID rather than Facebook ID to sign-in to 3rd party websites.

Facebook is the only social network to really corner this large a percentage and that means when it comes to monetization Facebook has still a lot of potential.

The same research showed the Facebook is more popular for people to sign-in to retail and technology related websites than any other service. Third party sign-in is important in the sense for blogs you might not want to sign-up with a website but rather use Facebook or Google ID to comment, share or contribute to the website.

So what do you think? Are you someone who is using Facebook credentials to log-in to other websites and interact. If you are doing that you might be calling Facebook your online home. 🙂

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Link: Mashable