Tips for Getting Google Adsense Account Approved


After a lot of waiting I finally got my Adsense account approved yesterday. I had bought a domain some six months back and was trying for an Adsense account since then. But every time my application was rejected with a message “Unacceptable site content”.

When I got this message for the first time, I thought there had been some mistake since my site has all the legitimate content. With time I realized the reason behind the rejection and also gathered some useful tips which can increase the chance of approval of your application significantly. Some of these are pretty obvious while others do not occur at the first thought.

But before that let me clear that “Unacceptable Site Content” does not necessarily mean you have written something which is in Google’s black list. It only means that your site does not follow one or more of Google’s Terms and Conditions.

Tips for getting Google Adsense account approved

  • Apply with top level domain i.e. instead of applying with, apply with
  • Apply only after your domain is at least six months old. This is necessary to ascertain that you are not a spammer.
  • In this period of six months, try writing as much good and original content as you can, which will help you get traffic.For if you don’t have a decent traffic there is no point having ads on your blog. Also concentrate on getting backlinks from top sites by writing guest posts and commenting on do-follow blogs. You can read some nice tips on link building to get an idea. Since Google generally updates page rank once every three months, this is the time to get a decent page rank, which will indirectly help you in adsense approval. Read how to optimize your blog for a better page rank.
  • When providing personal information in Adsense program, use the same information which you have used during domain registration. This is necessary because Adsense team verifies it with the whois data of your domain.
  • While registering try to go for at least 2 years registration because this again ascertains the fact that you are a serious blogger and not a spammer looking to make some quick money. Spammers generally register their domain for 1 year.
  • I don’t say that if you have registered for 1 year, Google won’t approve your request. But you will definitely be eyed with suspicion.
  • It is difficult now to get adsense approval for blogs with attached to it. Even if you blog on blogspot try to use a custom domain. It doesn’t cost much. Godaddy, Ilovethisdomain and Namecheap are some good options to consider.
  • If even after following these tips your account is not getting approved, try to apply through other established services like Google Knol, hubpages etc.

Hopefully after following these tips you’ll be able to get your Adsense account approved. But once approved do not click your own ads as this will result in a permanent ban from Adsense.

Once you are done you can look up how to show Adsense with Blogger and showing Adsense Ads on WordPress blogs.

Do write in your comments and share with me what you think are best practices for getting your adsense account approved.


Ramkumar April 9, 2010

Thanks for the post Anshul, I have been rejected with the same reason, Unacceptable Site Content, I bought the domain for 1 yr, its 7 months old and PR 3. Can we get the same profit if we use Google knol or hub pages? can you please eloborate on this. Thanks.

Aditya Kane April 9, 2010

I think the profit would really depend on the Page views it can garner.

Anshul April 9, 2010

As Aditya rightly pointed out, profit does not depend on what source you used to get Adsense, it depends on the page views your site gets.

Basant November 27, 2010

6 months criteria is not mandatory, it’s just a guideline to get rid of spammers. IMHO A good blog from anywhere in the world can be approved within 6 months.

Sumanth April 9, 2010

Thanks for the post Anshul..I have a doubt..Is it compulsary to have a web domain.Is blogspot no sufficient to get my adsense approved..Am new to blogging i applied for adsense once but was rejected b’coz my blog was less than 6 mnths old….so plz clarify my doubt about purchasing web domain..

Aditya Kane April 9, 2010

I think Blogspot domain is usually “” . What might have issues is something like “

Sumanth April 9, 2010

Ok..but is it compulsary to buy a domain to get adsense approved cant we manage it with blogspot..

Aditya Kane April 10, 2010

Yes you should not have any issues registering Adsense with a blogspot account.

Anshul April 9, 2010

I don’t say it is compulsory to have a custom domain, you can get approval with your blogspot domain too, but probability of getting approval from a custom domain is higher. Earlier having blogspot was the easiest way of getting approved but not any more. Read this post by Harsh Agrawal for more info

Sumanth April 9, 2010

Thanq Anshul..

jayadas July 6, 2010

my name is jayadas, I am working in bangalore, i have been going through this adsense from past 2 months. I am very much confused. Kindly help me in starting my own adsense account. I would be really thankfull to you if you could send me step by step procedure of starting this new job.

Anshul July 6, 2010

it would help if you could provide a link to your blog.. did you follow all the points mentioned in the post ?

Siddhu April 9, 2010

Never knew I should go for a longer domain registration… Thanks for sharing… Adsense had approved me through Indyarocks as that has API features… After seeing this I realised why Indyarocks got me approved in adsense faster…

Rahul April 10, 2010

In my view perfectly professional blogs..will get approval soon from adsense. But some times it is difficult to get approval.

Chetan bhasin April 10, 2010

Google says that my website is under construction. What to do to get my adsense account approved?
Pleas help me with this.

Anshul April 12, 2010

I think this might be because your site is just a couple of months old (as it appears from the date of the oldest post on your blog). Try again after some time. Till then concentrate on adding more quality posts.

ente April 20, 2010

my blog, has been approved today after I send email to adsense support. I believed it has been missed somewhere (I get no reject of approval confirmation for about a month, )
there is one more thing, due to my own experience, don’t sent your application on holiday…..

Kamal Hasa May 12, 2010

Apply with top level domain i.e. instead of applying with, apply with


Wrong or or is all considered a top level domain as long as belongs to you 😉

But something like or isn’t a top level domain because you don’t own the websites 😉

Anshul May 18, 2010

That means blogspot users can never get their accounts approved, since one of the conditions of Adsense states that one must apply with top level domain.:P

Adsense clearly specifies that “Your website must be your own top-level domain ( and not”.

Thus is not a top level domain while is.

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Arvind June 30, 2010

I am new to blogging and have just started a blog and have a decent number of visitors. My blog is not 6 months old its just 2 months old.Can i submit my blog for adsense now. Will i get approved. Is that 6 months criteria mandatory.

Aditya Kane June 30, 2010

6 month criteria is not mandatory and chances are always there for adsense to be approved.

Anshul July 6, 2010

I am not sure if that is true for Indian publishers, because in its official statement Adsense says “In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months.” Read this official announcement at

However there is no harm in trying :). Who knows you might succeed :)…but do let us know whatever the result is..

jagan July 8, 2010

thanx a lot for the information Anshul,i appreciate your work,i made a new blog[click on my name] and will soon apply for Adsense till it becomes 5-6 mnths older.

Anshul July 13, 2010

Congratz for the blog Jagan 🙂 Keep coming with nice posts and create a good reader base while you are waiting for this 6 month period to get over..

Rob July 13, 2010

@Anshul, Have 2 questions:

#1. Criteria is to own the domain for minimum of 6 months? or to keep that domain active for 6 months?

#2. If google rejects an account for this 6 months criteria? what is the message they send as reason? Same “Unacceptable site content”?

Let me know your thoughts on this plz.

Thanks for the post btw….

Anshul July 13, 2010

1) Though Adsense doesn’t mention it explicitly, but you should not only own the domain for 6 months but also keep it active. If your blog is not active, it won’t be approved because of very low/no traffic.

2)I’m not sure about this but I think after 6 month period if your application is still rejected, you’ll get a more specific reason. A friend of mine provided a wrong address, and the error he got is “Postal address incorrect or not provided”.

john2u July 25, 2010

Can you please tell me why my site was not accepted?

Anshul July 25, 2010

No one can accurately pin point the reason why a blog did not get approved by Adsense team. However after looking at your blog, I think it might be due to very less number of posts, irregularity in posting and low traffic. You have written just 17 posts in last 7 months. Try to post more articles regularly and also build your reader base and get some quality backlinks. After that apply again for Adsense. I hope it’ll get approved then. 🙂

john2u July 26, 2010

Thank you so much for taking time out to help me . The problem is that being in tenth standard i dont have so much time . any suggestions on which river to get backlinks from .

john2u July 26, 2010

I mean sites to get backlinks from .

Anshul July 27, 2010

Post quality comments on blogs of your niche. If your comment is good enough, people may want to check out the person behind the comment and in this way you’ll get traffic to your site. And if the blog is a do-follow blog, then apart from getting traffic you also get page rank juice. You can search google to find a list of do-follow blogs.

Anshul July 27, 2010

You can also write guest posts on other blogs. That will give you traffic as well as PR juice. Devils Workshop accepts guest posts. Read about it at

Riyas August 29, 2010

Is there any other good service than adsense? Because, my freebie blog looks like having commercial content, eventhough that is not the case. I currently have admaya. Is there any better service i can use?

Anshul Dixit November 4, 2010

Try infolinks, adbrite, chitika etc.

PR @ AlmostLikeEverything! October 15, 2010

hey thanks dude for the usefull information..i just created my blog ..will use your guidlines

Shahedshishir October 19, 2010

Anshul,thanks buddy for your information.I have just created a blog 1 week back and apply for google addsense. Is 6 month period duration for a blog to be approved is mandatory?

Anshul Dixit November 27, 2010

Sorry for te late reply. In its official statement Adsense says “In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months.” Read this official announcement at
However there is no harm in trying :). Who knows you might succeed 🙂

Suraj November 4, 2010

Thanx buddy, but still want to know more on approval of Adsense!
I heard recently its been more cautious for Indians, and most of the applicants have been canceled even though all the criteria have been followed as you have posted.

Anshul Dixit November 27, 2010

Sadly we are to be blamed for that. Most of us want to make quick bucks and are ready to bend rules to suit ourselves. This is why Google is extra cautious when it comes to sub-continent ad publishers.

devaki November 20, 2010

hi, i am very much interested to work with AdSense and my website is not ready. can anyone please help me to create a google website @ step by step method. thank you

devaki November 20, 2010

your information is very useful especially who do not know anything about Google AdSense

kamal January 31, 2011

I have some difficulties to monetize my blog usin adsense.every time i resubmit i get rejected coz i dont own the domain..but why it says tat?

robert February 15, 2011

I hope my link get approved soon since it has high PR

kamala February 24, 2011

great post dude very nice

Shadab@Blogger Tips March 13, 2011

My blog is 4 months old and my alexa rank has been reached arround #200K and I could not decide that is it good time to apply for adsense so any adsense guru here please visit to my blog and give your opinion regarding Adsense.

Lanndon March 26, 2011

I might add that google only requires a domain be 6 month’s old in certain parts of Asia. Websites wishing to sell ad-space which are based in most of the west are not subject to this.

I Quote Adsense Website:
Site Ownership
You must have access to edit the HTML source code of the website you submit for AdSense. If you submit a site you don’t own (for example,, you won’t be able to place the AdSense code on the site and your application will not be approved.

In some locations, including China and India, we also require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. We’ve taken this step to ensure the quality of our advertising network and protect the interests of our advertisers and existing publishers.

SemSeoWiz April 29, 2011

Thanks for the great info. My site has only been up 2 weeks. No wonder they won’t approve me!

Anish Sharma October 7, 2011

thanks for the suggestion,my website is 2 weeks old….it will surely help me…

Swapan Gharami October 27, 2011

I tried 4+ times but failed. How can I do now?

Partha Goswami December 20, 2011

your information is very useful especially who do not know anything about Google AdSense

Psyco December 20, 2011

Thanx a lot for the great tip

enc0d3r January 23, 2012

thanks dude, really nice tips

Mukul Vaishnav February 13, 2012

I had an adsense account for three months than it is closed by saying ” your AdSense account
poses a risk of generating invalid activity”.

Now the traffic increased, so can I apply that again?

And is there anything like that if I get denied this time than then there will be less chances to get approved in future?

Please have a look to our website: and give me your suggestion if I should apply now or wait for a time? I dont want a denial this time so I need your advice..

Kathirason March 16, 2012

nice article for starter’s 🙂 Thank you for wonderful article..

Kruti March 16, 2012

Google adsense approved on my blog what to do next? please guide me?

Aparup March 26, 2012

Dear Mr. Dixit!

Your post really stands-out. Hat’s off to that! But I have an earnest request. Could you please go through my blog whose URL is given above and tell me exactly what part of it’s content is “Unacceptable”. Please ignore the photos & the other ad-revenue network ads, since they were added just yesterday, somewhat in a mood of seeking revenge (I can do without Adsense) on Adsense when my blog was disapproved consecutively four times for “Unacceptable Content”, that too when it neither had any photo taken from internet nor any other ad.
But now I am taking it as a challenge. I want my blog approved by Adsnese at any cost. Since you are an expert on Adsense now (after being disapproved 15 times, you know of 15 ways your blog cannot be approved by Adsense, and now that when your blog is approved, you know what exactly worked), could you please suggest some sure-shot ways to get my blog approved this time. I would remain ever grateful to you for this act of benevolence.

Thanking in anticipation of a sure solution,



Rakesh March 27, 2012

Plz ans me.My site was 2 month old i applied for adsense and they disapproved due to reaso-postal addres is incorrect .When applied after 3 month they give reason-Unexceptable site content.i thought first addres incorrect and then this reason.what is going i’m not understanding.

samy May 11, 2012

oops!!!!! i created a blog and right away applied for an ad sense account too. i didn’t know that one has to wait for atleast 6 months. what am i to do now? please suggest something!
thanking in anticipation

farrukhnawaz May 16, 2012

After 4 time appling adsence i am worry about my blog as unacceptable site content message is received. I have 1500 daily visitors but not approved my adsence account. My blog is 3 months old. Plz suggest with working opinion. Thanx

Sarath August 19, 2012

I have a blog which is 4 months old. I took some of the images from various websites and posted on my blog, does it affect for my Adsense approval? Please help me

Maia August 19, 2012

A few weeks I spent for studying of Adsense ensure approval. I got some important point of the articles I’ve been reading. And your post are the real guide to get adsense application approval. Thanls

Kushal The Blogger August 25, 2012

Nice post Anshul. But there are some flaws in your post. Nothing but ‘CONTENT’ and simple ‘INTERFACE’ matters.

=> Adsense does not necessarily prefer a top level domain. In fact, it encourages blogspot and google sites since they are google’s enterprise.

=> Google Adsense does not have access to your domain’s database except its lifetime on the World Wide Web. i.e, Google can’t know the period of your domain’s registration.

=> There is no need for the user to enter the same personal info as used for the domain registration. Google does not have access to it.

Aditya Kane August 27, 2012

@Kushal: AdSense does not necessarily prefer a top level domain but unlike before it does not encourage blogspot / google sites getting approved either.

Also I think you might have misunderstood about the domain lifetime. Anshul is only suggesting to work for 6 months on a blog or a site before applying for Adsense ads to show up on it.

Sonesh Lakhani November 15, 2012

hello..i have started my blog 3 months back..can i get adsence aprooval..

Ajay kumar December 6, 2012

Plz help my adsense application disapprove issue : site does not comply with google policies plz review my blog plz help me

Ajay kumar December 10, 2012

Any one can help me

Walter Pinem May 7, 2013

nice tips though, thanks for sharing

Tarun July 3, 2013

i am trying more than 2 time but i am fail what can i do for ad sense approval there is any alternative of adsense ?