Karaoke on YouTube videos with Tubeoke

I do not always download a song or buy CDs. Sometimes thanks to a decent connection many songs are already up on You Tube to listen to. So sometimes I would open a website which looks up lyrics of a song and then play the song on You Tube to sing along. I guess that is a way to Karaoke with You Tube. One way is to look up You Tube Captions but that is not usually always available especially with music videos.

Now with Tubeoke there is not need for searching for a song on YouTube and lyrics.com simultaneously. TubeOke does it both for you.

About Tubeoke

  • Just enter the name of the song you want to watch with You tube and search it with Tubeoke.
  • You will get some options and selecting one will allow you to view lyrics on the right and the song playing on the left of the screen.
  • Now you can view the song on YouTube and also sing along with the lyrics. I have tried it with quiet a few songs and did not find any song that could not be found.

If you have the song as a file on your computer then you might want to look up lyrics plugin for Windows Media Player and Winamp. Do give Tubeoke a try and drop in your comments to let me know if you liked it?

Also let us know of any other service or plugin which is useful for playing songs and singing along. 🙂

Link: Tubeoke


sidduz April 9, 2010

It is too cool. Loved it. Entire song with audio, video, and lyrics displayed making it really easy for passionate music lovers.

Aditya Kane April 9, 2010

I know it sure is addictive.

srikar April 10, 2010

nice ,thanx for the share 🙂