Get News Feeds from Around the World on Your Chrome Startpage

Usually I avoid using the default start page (New Tab page) on my Chrome browser. I prefer using a customized one which allows a bit more productivity.

As I love keeping in touch with news and updates from around the world, I found New Tab Feeder a great way to get News feeds from reputed websites on the start page itself

News Feeds on Chrome Startpage

New Tab Feeder: Options

  • As the above screenshot shows, users can constantly look up headlines from different sources.
  • Most importantly users can search within the headlines from the search bar.
  • The design is simple and background images can be sourced from Instagram.

I found this extension very useful if you are interested in the news. In case you want something more productive with the ability to leave yourself notes on the startpage, you might like looking up Incredible Start Page.

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Try out New Tab Feeder and drop in your comments.

Link: New Tab Feeder