4 Must Use Google Chrome Extensions for Facebook Users

Google Chrome has come up with few amazing extensions for making time you spend on Facebook more enjoyable. Here are few of my favorites:

#1. Facebook Photo Zoom

We all get irritated when a friend uploads new photos and to view them we need to go to their album and view each one individually. With the Facebook Photo Zoom add-on, you can simply place your cursor on the photo and preview the zoomed in version.


#2. The Facebook For Google Chrome add-on

The Facebook For Google Chrome add-on allows you to view your news feed and updates as a separate attachment on your Chrome browser. That means you no longer need to open a new tab to view your Facebook news feed, you can continue to browse the web and simultaneously check out any news feed updates which is quite a time saver.

#3. Facebook To-Go

Facebook To-Go is another similar add-on which notifies you when you have a new notification as well as allows you to get access to your wall, home and settings. I feel this one is definitely a better bet over The Facebook For Google Chrome add-on.


#4. Facebook Share

Facebook Share is one of my favorite Facebook extensions. Usually when I’m browsing there are so many times I want to share a particular link with my friends and now I can do that with just one click. With this add-on, when I come across a page I want to share on Facebook, I can do so with just one click on this add-on.

I am quite thrilled with these fun extensions because they save my time and allow me to do other things while still being on Facebook. The best part about these Chrome add-ons is that you don’t need to restart your browser.

If you want to see any more of the Facebook extensions for Chrome, then check them out here. Let me know what you think of these add-ons through your comments.