[Facebook Fact] Posts on Saturdays get maximum Likes

Posts on saturdays get maximum likes on Facebook. This is one of the fact about Facebook I was not aware of. This and many more have been covered by Dan who has recently written a book on Facebook marketing.

Below is the infographic image that tells you some facts about Facebook marketing by Dan.

According to the study, posts at 8 am get maximum shares ,and it also says posting every other day is the best. Yes I do trust this one if you are giong to post everyday ever minute people are going to get sick of you and your posts.

One should be active on Facebook because this is a nice way to share your posts and get readers as a blogger but a lot of share will do no good. People will get tired of the excess updates any way.

So read this infographics and plan accordingly. 🙂 Do drop in your comments.

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  1. Today, I cogratulate you on writing an artle “Post on saturday get max.likes”which is diff.from other writings and very informative specially for the readers of the FACEBOOK.But I feel i-the time and day of the readers depend upon their leisure, ii-interest on topic depends on age group of the readers e.g.,article on sex attracts only a particular age-group readers. iii-“word”, as they are sharing on facebook automatically,their interest or focus remain on facebook itself

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