4 Great Websites to Play on Virtual Stock Markets with Real Data

Have you ever traded stocks at the real markets? Often people are scared of the stock markets because of the continuous activity it observes every second. Few people are not aware on how these markets operate but they are always looking for some greater knowledge on how to invest and stay safe at the same time.

Inspired by this I decided to share few interesting websites, where you can play with virtual cash on “real markets” in your country. For now, I have included websites which uses market data from India and the US.

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#1. MoneyBhai Investor

A MoneyControl.com entity, the portal is designed nicely. Registration is FREE and easy after which the user receives Indian Rupees 25 Lakhs which can be used for Buying & Selling and even Short selling. You can buy & sell stocks based on real streaming data from the NSE (National Stock Exchange, India). The experience you will have will be full of learn while you play.

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#2. KheloStocks

Not much appreciable on the design part, however the website is organized in a very simple way. You can get access to a bunch of learning resources, Stock Games and even get to take part in Contests. Khelostocks streams Live data from two big stock indices of India namely, NIFTY and SENSEX.

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#3. We Seed

With a great appearance and design, I found this one to be a great choice for beginners as well experts. You get to shop for companies in the United States using an easy to search module and you can pick up companies from the well-prepared categories. You can even take up a short course on Investment in three easy to learn levels. Overall exploring through this website is a great fun.

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#4. Wall Street Survivor

As the name says, you get to do Virtual trading using the Live data from the Wall Street. The website offers some unique contests where it distributes real cash prizes to winners of the trading game. It also let you create your own Contests for Free for your friends and colleagues to play on your custom created market. And everyone including you get a chance to win real cash prizes. Isn’t that cool?

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So next time you feel inspired about playing the stock markets, do try out these websites to test your market sense. 😉 Do drop in your comments.

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  1. I guess you missed the most important 1. Bseindia.com/game or apps.facebook.com/dalalstreet or challenge.dsij.in

    This is the simplest of all games and is integrated with BSE site as well. Do check out

    1. I apologize Bhavik for not including them. But I have written about only those whom I was aware of more than others. However thanks for that info. I will check out the websites..

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