Facebook finally added the Indian National Flag in Farm Ville

n102452128776_1831After a one month long protest against one of the most popular Facebook application ‘Farm Ville‘ for the addition of Tricolour National Flag of India in it, the developer of ‘Farm Ville‘ application Zynga has agreed to add the National Flag in it. The protest was actually started by Pritam Bijlani called ‘Cause’ which got a boost up by Times of India report on it, and finally it worked.

Farm Ville is an online Facebook application cum game in which users can develop their farms. These were divided into territories with name and Flag of that particular county.Even the name of India was also there but Indian flag was missing earlier.

The main reason behind the protest is that even the flag of some lesser populated countries were available, yes lesser populated, even lesser than the total internet users of India. 😀

Well now you all can enjoy you this foreign application/game more with some Desi feeling. 😉

LINK: Farm Ville

(via Times of India)