Yahoo Meme: @Twitter I am just like you.

Yahoo! Meme is the new micro-blogging service from Yahoo is now open to all. I decided to check out what was all the fuss was about and came away with mixed feelings.

I liked its layout even though it felt a bit like Twitter, the idea of sharing videos, images and audio seems to be novel and as far as options go, makes it more versatile than Twitter.


Yahoo Meme

  • The layout is very similar to Twitter. But you can share images from your desktop, post mp3 links for audio and share videos from YouTube or Vimeo.
  • The concept of ReTweet becomes Repost which is something they have clearly borrowed from Twitter. There is also Popular section which shows the post which has been reposted the most number of times.
  • Something they borrowed from Facebook was the option to comment on other peoples posts.
  • Yahoo Meme takes a different path from Twitter when it comes to the number of characters you can enter. At Twitter its 140 with a focus on updates from mobile phones and with Yahoo Meme the limit is 2000 characters.

So now you have a social networking site which has borrowed somethings from Twitter and Facebook. It seems to be confused on who it wants to challenge or what exactly it wants to give internet users. It surely does not have anything really different from other websites for people to actively want to be a part of Yahoo Meme. It still is early days but at the moment it just looks like Yahoo Meme is a clone of Twitter without the high number of users. 😉

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Rahul October 13, 2009

I think, Yahoo tried to take the best from each twitter and facebook. Some times these hybrid models works better then previous existing one.

Aditya Kane October 13, 2009

@Rahul: Yes I found this as a better model than Twitter if not Facebook. But it does not seem to be very different either so not sure about how successful it will be. If you come out with something new, there has to be novelty about the service.

Rahul October 13, 2009

Very true aditya, Both things possible…I guess yahoo MEME will be moderately successful. we will see, what happen in future.
Still Yahoo has surplus advantage of its huge user base.

Vaibhav Kanwal October 14, 2009

I am apprehensive about Yahoo Meme turning into a silly image repost service, just like the now dead – chain email forwards.

People are posting images and silly images. More than communication tool its looks like an image sharing site to me.

I would not like to see Meme turn into a disaster that way. Its an impressive clone of twitter.

Aditya Kane October 14, 2009

@Sauravjit: I know. Wrote about it after checking it for myself. Had not got a invite before. 😐 I was a little surprised on how similar it actually it so Twitter. Thanks for bringing the similarity to my notice.

@Vaibhav: I know. Yahoo has had some disastrous services which have had to be closed down. Take for instance how they messed up with Geocities. One can only hope they get this right, but I am afraid you are right that Yahoo Meme might end up becoming a image sharing site.

sauravjit October 14, 2009

np dude 🙂
there are 1500 posts on DW and you can’t check them all 😉