Facebook has 300 million users!

fb_serversDo you know Facebook has more users than the population of most countries in the world? Actually only three countries have a higher population than Facebook.

That’s China, India and the US. At the rate Facebook is growing only 2  may remain. No prizes for guess which two 😉

If you take the world population as 6 Billion and compare 300 Million as Facebook users, it means potentially about 5% of the entire world is using Facebook.

How does Facebook service 300 million?

  • Facebook has 10,000 servers which includes 1800 MySQL servers which are overseen by only 2 data administrators !
  • Facebook has planned to spend over $100 Million over the near future to acquire about 50,000 servers.
  • The ratio of Facebook engineers to Facebook users is 1 Engineer to a Million users.

Facebook’s gold mine.

Facebook is expanding and doing it fast. They also are adding different services to keep that base growing. Facebook is being lent money by many financiers including Microsoft!

You have to log into your account to actually access any information Facebook provides. That means Facebook literally controls the content you can access and that’s a dream come true for any advertiser.

Facebook already is the largest Social Networking site and is still growing. With a IPO being planned next year it looks like Facebook will over the next couple of years become more than just a social networking website. Wonder what it would mutate into? What if it mutates into something like Google! 😉

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srinivas September 19, 2009

That’s great work from FaceBook.But poor choice of Financier – May be next time Microsoft will ask Facebook to use it’s search, it’s crappy web apps on facebook if they are not being used already .
Like asking Linuxmint to set Bing to default on FireFox for using their fonts and mp3 format.