Twitter Introduces Photo Filter Feature: Hits Back at Instagram

Twitter has introduced a new feature for iPhone and Android users. It’s latest update will allow users to post photos with built in filters. The new feature has initially 8 photo filters out of which anyone can be chosen. The photos also can be viewed in a grid system. Essentially, Twitter is mimicking the features […]

Online Tool to Create Facebook Cover Image with Instagram Photos

Instagram is a great photo app, which allows users to take photos from their smartphones and stylize them. On Facebook profiles, a large interesting image can occupy the top of the profile page. Such images are called cover photos.

InstaCover is an online tool that mashes the two together. It allows users to use publicly shared Instagram photos to create a collage for their Facebook cover image.

Backup your Instagram Photos to Your Computer

Instagram has been a hot topic over the last couple of weeks. First added a lot more fans by becoming available on Android. That part was followed up by Facebook acquiring Instagram. Not all fans of Instagram are happy about Facebook acquiring the company as they fear that Facebook will kill Instagrams independence and turn […]

What is so special about Instagram for Facebook to shell out $1 Billion?

The popular photo app, Instagram was bought for a cool $1 Billion by Facebook. Instagram is a popular service and solely exists on mobile phones. It has no revenue model but has a growing legion of users. Facebook, which has recently filed for an IPO and hence is flush with cash and Instagram which was a […]