Facebook improves its Photo Application

image Photo application happens to be Facebook’s most popular feature. There are some 15 billion photos on Facebook till date making Facebook the biggest photo sharing website today.

These 15 billion photos actually amount to a total of 60 billion as Facebook generates and saves 4 images of different sizes for every uploaded picture. That’s some 1.5 PB of storage. Wow!

Facebook says that their current growth rate is 220 million new photos per week, which translates to 25TB of additional storage consumed weekly. At the peak, there are 550,000 images served per second. Now, that’s intense!

Overcoming the choke-points of their old photo applications, Facebook launched a new, more efficient storage system some time back – the Haystack Photo Infrastructure.

The Outcome

  • Significant savings in costs
  • Better performance
  • Improved user experience

Job well done, I’d say.

For getting into the technicalities of Haystack’s What & How, click here.

(Source: Facebook)

(Image credits: ShoWareCenter)