Facebook Insights get Real time analytics

Today Facebook developers are releasing a new version of Insights for Websites to give the users a better way to analyse their websites.

Today Facebook developers are releasing a new version of Insights for Websites to give the users a better way to analyse their websites.

This update will enable the user to see how good or bad their website is doing on Facebook. For example, publishers will be able to see if a certain post is performing exceedingly well or not in real-time.

Have a look at the analytics below:

  • Like button analysis : Now you can access real-time analytics to optimize Like buttons across both your site and on Facebook.
  • Comments box analytics : By making comments common over different websites and Facebook you can share and see many different things  and analyse them. 🙂
  • Popular pages : Developers have expanded the Popular Pages to show you the top 100 pages that people are liking, commenting on, and sharing.
  • Demographics : Demographics are now shown to you depending on the gender on the liking and everything. You can analyse the success in terms of many things!
  • Organic sharing : Insights is designed for websites that use social plugins, but even those that haven’t yet implemented plugins can see how people are sharing links to your site in status updates and Wall posts.

I think this is going to help many. People who are into social media and blogging will get a lot of help from this. What are your views ? Share them with me here.


Mohul March 9, 2011

Wow! I will term this as breakthrough development.. Google Analytics styled tool for Facebook is just the stuff which was required as of now..

Himadri Dimri March 9, 2011

Yes I agree with you on this .

Ramandeep Singh July 16, 2011

Insights are really awesome feature by Facebook.
BTW.. I liked the unique design of this blog just like ‘Facebook’. Really good work 🙂