[Online Tip] Temporary Email ID that Forwards to Your Permanent Account!

Trashmail_logoIn this “Age of the Internet” we come across a lot of new services. These services most times requires you to sign up/register with an email account. While taking a look at such services, I am often a little sceptical of sharing my primary email id. Hence, I end up creating email ids I used as dumps for signing up.

TrashMail allows us to create a temporary email ID and have the emails sent to the temporary account, forwarded to your permanent email id.

TrashMail Features


  • As you can see in the image above, TrashMail allows creating customized temporary email ids.
  • Just enter your real email address so you can receive all the emails sent to your temporary email id.
  • A good feature I liked about this site, is I can limit the number of forwards. This works great if you are spammed by some service which has temporary email id.
  • Finally I could tweak the Life Span of the disposable account from 1 day to 1 month.

This will help down cut spamming your email address. If you have a Hotmail account as your primary account then you can also try creating alias accounts feature. Try out TrashMail and do drop in your comments with your views on junk e-mail and ways to combat it.

Link: TrashMail

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