Facebook introduces community pages

Facebook pages are very useful for creating communities but usually they are owned or created and maintained by one person or mutliple admins but the control or ownership of the page is limited. This is fine when it comes to a company or a brand that needs such controls but what about things that are hobbies like reading books, cooking, photography?

The above image is of the community page of Lord of the Rings book. If you have added me as a Facebook friend and look up my info, you will see one of my favorite books is Lord of the Rings and it is hyper linked to this Community Page.

Unlike other Facebook pages there are no owner or admin but all people who have Lord of the Rings as their favorite book will be have access to its wall messages and also rights to post something to the community.

This is a great way to create organic communities which will truly get together perfect strangers with similar interests discussing useful things.

The default information of such community pages is taken from Wikipedia and it is still a beta product so expect some glitches.

Let me know if you like the idea of building dynamic communities with mass ownership rather than focused ownership and administration? Do drop in your comments.


khalid April 24, 2010

Nice idea of making dynamic communities. As focused ownership communities do not fill the purpose of making large number of members.

Aditya Kane April 24, 2010

focused ownership is good for brand presence but communities are great for random information and just sharing your views with people who have similar views.