Facebook Introduces Instagram-Like Photo Filter on iOS App

Facebook rolled out an updated yesterday to its iOS app. The updated app has a lot of features like sharing multiple photos, gifts and chat buddy list. The new update comes on the heels of Twitter planning to roll out a feature that allows sharing photos with filters.

Though apps allowing users to add filters on photos have been around for a long time, Instagram took it to a new level but becoming a social network.

It was finally purchased by Facebook at a very high price of almost a US $ 1 Billion. The high price tag was possibly because Twitter and Google might have been interested in getting something like Instagram.

What happens to Instagram?

Facebook itself is not really winning on the mobile platform unlike Instagram. So it seems doubtful that Facebook will abandon Instagram but it does seem to be undermining it by copying the same filter features at the moment.

These changes are only for iOS users in the US, but these changes are expected outside the US and on other platforms soon. Facebook has previously released a native app for iOS users and is expected to soon release one for Android phones.

(via TechCrunch)