Microsoft to Kill Live Messenger in Favour of Skype

Last year Microsoft ended up buying Skype at an approximate price tag of US $ 8.5 Billion. Many were left wondering what will be the fate of Windows Live Messenger which was also similar to Skype. The Verge, has reported that Windows Live Messenger will soon be killed off by Microsoft.

A couple of days ago, I already saw the first signs of Microsoft’s plan which allowed me to integrate my Skype account with my Live ID (Microsoft Account). I came across this feature, when I upgraded to Windows 8 and used the new Skype app on it. From now on, I have to simply use my Microsoft account details to sign in and use Skype.

Alternately current users can also integrate their Skype accounts with their Facebook accounts. The idea behind this all will be for Microsoft to leverage and support one single service instead of two. Also Live Messenger is most used for text based chatting while Skype is probably a more popular voice client.

Skype does have its premium options for making phone/ video calls and group video calling. It might also face competition from Google Voice and Google+ Hangouts which offer some great features.

I doubt Microsoft will kill off Live Messenger suddenly and will probably do this over a few months in a organised manner. But it won’t be a bad idea to move over to Skype as soon as possible.

Do you use Skype or Live Messenger? Which one do you use more? Do drop in your comments.


Praful November 6, 2012

Good piece of information, Aditya. I mostly use skype!

Ankit November 9, 2012

Seems MS is making Skype the windows version of iMessage and FaceTime. Well, it’s a great move. Who uses Live Messenger these days, anyway?