New Facebook for iOS, Version 5.0 [Review]

Facebook finally updated their Facebook for iOS application i.e. official applications for iPhone, iPad and iTouch with a new look, faster engine and timeline support. The main thing about this update was to provide a faster mobile app and they did it perfectly. As compared to older version of Facebook for iOS this version 5.0 takes very less time to load. They have also removed the “Slide to Refresh” option, now you just have to click on the banner to see new updates. Let’s have a deeper look at the application.


I like the overall design of the new application. Check out some screenshots of the app:


This latest version of Facebook for iOS is very good when it comes to speed i.e. the time it takes to load homepage or profile or some picture and that too without getting crashed again and again.


You must be familiar with the application “Facebook Messenger”, it’s a nice application where you can send or receive Facebook inbox messages without accessing whole Facebook news feed. But you don’t need a messenger separately now as Facebook integrated same messenger interface in Facebook for iOS 5.0. Now you can easily send and receive messages to your friends and get to know when they read your message.


Again a faster loading feature, now it takes very less time to open a picture than it used to be in earlier versions.

What Else?

Finally this version of Facebook supports “Timeline Profiles”, except that there are some other changes as well. Like, now you don’t need to go to the top and refresh page again and again to read latest updates. It updates automatically and you just have to click on top “New Stories” bar.

Another feature they have added is that you have Instant access to your Notifications. No need to open a separate page to open likes or comments.

Not so good thing:

One thing I don’t like about this update is that the news feed is showing cropped pictures instead of full uploaded pictures. Most of the time it automatically crops the face of the person in the picture. Check the news feed and actual picture size screenshots below:

Another feature which is not present here is small thumbnails of all the pictures uploaded to that album which used to be on the bottom of picture in earlier versions.

Personally I like this version of Facebook mainly because of its performance and User Interface. Don’t forget to share your views with us.