Facebook moving ahead with its Search Results

Facebook’s search results have been changed a bit for better relevance. Facebook has released a new feature in which if I want to search about an article I get the results based on the likes and dislikes of my friends. That is the results will affect on how many friends like or share that news.

In a way it is interesting that my search results will include my friend’s likes. Facebook said that the content displayed will be only that is shared by your friends. This is a result of newly added patent which is based on the amount of clicks any user does. Previously this was not available by Facebook’s Open Graph Search. Now Facebook is using its social graph for its relevance.

Suppose I choose a topic as ‘Facebook Patent’ as my new search. The result that I see is based on how many friends have liked or shared that particular news. In the above picture you can see that the first result is shared by 141 people and the other is liked by 3 people.

So what even if you are a Facebook fan like me,will our friend’s likes and dislikes make us decide what is relevant and what is not??? Do share your thoughts and experience on this through your comments.

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3 replies on “Facebook moving ahead with its Search Results”

  1. What if a person is new to Facebook and does not have friends.. means no likes or shares… means no Results? I hope FB has a workaround for this.

    1. Well in that case Facebook gives you the results related to the topic searched but not in a way like you get in a full fledged account with friends. That is you do get the relevant information but not arranged according to number of clicks/likes :).

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