Google Privacy Page: Does it point towards a new Social Network?

Google has recently detailed new policies regarding privacy on its various services. It has also created a landing page to manage privacy with various tools. Does this all point to a new social network?

Google recently announced they are introducing a new landing page to manage Privacy across the Google network. It has a detailed explanation of the privacy policy maintained by Google. What I was really impressed by was the landing page to manage all accounts on privacy.

I could visit the Privacy tools page above and start tweaking on things. Some things like switching off the record with Gmail Chat are useful features for most people.

Why is Google taking Privacy so seriously?

Facebook has been recently hammered and got a lot of bad press. This is thanks to its rather callous attitude towards privacy at least for a few days. But what makes people a little more concerned is how much of their personal data is stored on Google and what happens when Google creates its alleged new social network called by many as Google Me.

This is just my opinion, but I think all this privacy talk by Google is trying to start laying the ground work to start introducing its social network. They might not be able to complete with Facebook’s momentum but can surely show off that they are open and will not abuse personal data stored with them.

What would this new Social network from Google be like?

Whatever it is, Google will certainly try to integrate as much of its other services as they can with the new social network. Considering Google’s presence in Advertising media (Adsense and Adwords) a social network could be quite potent way of using such services.

So what do you think about Google’s new privacy page? Is its new social network just around the corner? πŸ™‚ Do drop in your comments and views.


Puneet September 5, 2010

Hey Aditya, correct the hyperlink of “Privacy tools”
its pointing to http://http//

Aditya Kane September 5, 2010

thanks buddy for pointing that out. Link is fixed now. πŸ™‚

Brian Ross September 5, 2010

Eric Schmidt’s idiotic comments earlier this year may have done some good? Privacy is a growing issue of concern and Google has put themselves in the limelight more than once. So far the page seem upfront and straight forward and consistent with their “Don’t be evil” motto. No doubt Google’s about to enter the social network arena with something new.

Aditya Kane September 5, 2010

Yes some comments were made about privacy and they might not have helped Google. For the moment it does seem upfront and straight forward. Also Buzz got some bad press when they introduced it in the Inbox. I guess people are a little uncomfortable with such integration.

Rahul @ MazaKaro September 6, 2010

this is a good step to avoid lot of legal problems

Anterpreet September 6, 2010

Google is doing a lot of things for their social network ‘Me’, waiting for Google Me πŸ™‚